Tuesday, 19 April 2011

turbine climb

It's a sunny day and you're not at work so head out on your bike. Be sure to take only a little water and absolutely no food what so ever, you're not going to be long anyway. Get puncture, fix puncture with Shyte™ Pump, start to ride again, find another puncture, fix the other puncture with Shyte™ Pump. Continue on with barely inflated rear tyre and find three JCBs four hundred yards ahead, blocking the forest track. Detour through the forest at an incredibly slow pace for about an hour and a half, all the while guestimating turbine location (your intended destination). Exit forest exactly one hill away from that which houses the turbines. Descend incorrect hill, ascend correct hill (with semi inflated tyre due to Shyte™ Pump), sit down, weep. You've just turned a ninety minute run into a five hour nightmare.


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