Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Cotty's Canyon Strive ES7

Cotty's new Canyon Strive ES7 is proving a good buy.

Nobody's jealous.



PMC101 said...

hiya mate how you doing, I've been trying to research the canyon strive and I've come across this little gem of a blog and your self on youtube. It looks like we ride in the same sort of places being whinlatter and inners for my day trips out, my regular is hamsterley.

Just wondering what you think about the strive now you've had it a little while? How does it pedal aswell, i'm not a big fan of climbing but its something we gotta do so was very interested in your thoughts.

I'm not a dh'er but a red/black trail centre rider with the odd natural ride.

thanks very much for your time


dwayne bell said...

Blimey, only just seen this comment now, WAY TOO LATE! Sorry Paul, how bloody rude.

Our group now has two Strives in it, so that tells you how positive feed back was on Strive one, above. Pedals like a much smaller bike. Better than many smaller bikes in my experience in fact.

Ever in Langholm with a bike, get in touch.

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